We are still open but are practicing state mandated safety precautions & social distancing guidelines. Please call 360-702-0616 before coming to the pit.
Item Name Size Price
Concrete - Clean No Dirt, No Metal/Rebar CY $4
Concrete - Dirty CY $9
Asphalt Chunks CY $2
Asphalt Grindings CY Free
Dirt - Structural Determination Made on Site CY $5
Dirt - Wet Determination Made on Site CY $6
Strippings CY $6
Dirt/Concrete/Asphalt Mix No Contaminants CY $20
Stumps CY Not Currently Accepted
Brush CY Not Currently Accepted
Topsoil CY $7.50
Screenings - Dirty CY $10
Asphalt Grindings CY $16.50
Concrete 1" Minus CY $16.50